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Identify HDPE Pipes Application Through Strip Color


The identification of strip color is one of the basics for getting started with PE pipes. Common strip colors mainly include blue, orange, yellow, and red, among which blue corresponds to the most common HDPE water supply and drainage pipes, orange and yellow correspond to gas pipes, and red corresponds to Mining pipes, the following will be introduced separately


Blue Strip: HDPE Water Supply Pipe/Drainage Pipe/Irrigation Pipe/Fire Fighting Pipe

Water supply and drainage are the most common and main uses of HDPE pipes, mainly used in municipal water supply and drainage pipelines, municipal sewage pipelines, building water supply and drainage, factory wastewater discharge, agricultural irrigation, etc.


Orange/Yellow Strip: HDPE Gas Pipe

HDPE pipes for gas are mainly used to transport gas such as natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and are replacement products of traditional steel pipes and polyvinyl chloride gas pipes. The marking lines of HDPE gas pipes are orange and yellow

The orange marking line usually refers to the gas pipeline whose raw material grade is PE100, which is also the most common gas pipeline.

The yellow marking line usually refers to the gas pipeline whose material grade is PE80


Red Strip: HDPE Mining Pipe

HDPE mining pipe has excellent flame retardant and antistatic properties, and is mainly used for water supply, drainage, compressed air, shotcrete and gas drainage in underground coal mines. PE mining pipes can be divided into mine supply/drainage pipes (KS), mine shotcrete pipes (KJ), mine positive pressure air pipes (KFZ), mine negative pressure air pipes (KFF) and mine pipes according to their uses. There are five types of gas drainage pipes (KW). The executive standard of PE mining pipe is the coal industry standard MT558.1-2005.

HDPE Mining Pipe


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