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5 Precautions When Using HDPE Water Supply Pipes


1. HDPE water supply pipes are laid outdoors in the open air, where there is sunlight, it is recommended to take shelter measures for the pipes. Although HDPE pipe has excellent anti-ultraviolet ability, if it is exposed to high temperature environment for a long time, it will reduce the service life of the pipe


2. Buried HDPE water supply pipes, pipes with DN≤110mm are recommended to be laid in a serpentine shape in summer, and pipes with DN≥110 have sufficient soil resistance to resist thermal stress, so there is no need to reserve pipe length; in winter, no reservation is required Tube length.


3. When installing HDPE pipes, if the operating space is too small (such as: pipe wells, construction inside the ceiling, etc.), the electrofusion connection method should be used.


4. When butt fusion connection, the heating temperature should not be too high or too long, and the temperature should be controlled at 210±10°C, otherwise it will cause too much molten slurry extruded from the fittings and reduce the inner diameter of the water;
When socketing, the pipe fittings or pipe joints should be clean, otherwise the socket will be disengaged and leak water;
At the same time, pay attention to controlling the angle and direction of the pipe fittings to avoid rework.


5. When the butt fusion joint is connected, the voltage is required to be between 200 and 220V. If the voltage is too high, the temperature of the heating plate will be too high. If the voltage is too low, the butt joint machine will not work normally;
When docking, the alignment of the docking interface should be kept, otherwise the docking area will not be sufficient, the strength of the welding joint will not be sufficient, and the curling will not be aligned;
When the heating plate is heated, the pipe interface is not cleaned, or the heating plate has oil, sediment and other impurities, which will cause the joint to be disconnected and leak;
The heating time should be well controlled. If the heating time is short and the heat absorption time of the pipe is not enough, it will cause the weld seam curl to be too small, and if the heating time is too long, the weld seam curl will be too large, which may form a virtual weld.

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