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3 Common Misconceptions About HDPE Pipes


Due to the excellent properties of the pipe, HDPE pipes are widely used in water supply, drainage, fire protection, electricity, dredging, irrigation, etc.

Let’s introduce 3 common misconceptions about HDPE pipes


1. Is the quality of HDPE pipes distinguished by color?

No. Some people say that the color of HDPE pipe is white, some say black is true, and some say gray is true. However, in fact, the color of HDPE pipe is not the factor that distinguishes the quality of the pipe. It’s just adding different color masterbatches to turn the translucent pipe into the color we see now. The color masterbatch is added to make the pipe opaque. Even if the opaque pipe leaks out, the water in the pipe cannot see the sunlight and produce bacteria. At the same time, some manufacturers cannot personalize the tubes by making them orange, red, blue, or gray.


2. Can the smell of HDPE pipes judge whether the pipes are hygienic?

No. According to report,  at the beginning of this year, at present, many companies use recycled materials to produce pipes. In fact, there is a causal relationship between the two. The hygienic performance of plastic pipes depends on the purity of the raw materials. But this can be identified by laboratory methods, not by human senses. Unless the raw material is mixed with too much recycled material and waste, it can be identified by the smell of burning or storage water, and other small additions are difficult to identify.


3. The quality of HDPE pipe mainly depends on the wall thickness?

No. In fact, the quality of pipes involves many aspects, and wall thickness is only one of them. The temperature and pressure resistance of the pipeline depends partly on the purity of the raw material, and partly on the adaptability of the wall thickness to temperature and pressure. It is not that the thicker the pipe, the better, because the thicker the pipe, the smaller the runoff. The most important thing is the uniformity of wall thickness. If the pipe production does not have sufficient online control measures, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of thickness.


The quality of HDPE pipe is not good, if there is a problem, the impact will be very serious. Often pipes burst or block, which will cause losses of tens or hundreds of times the price of the water pipe itself, and even have other immeasurable consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to choose HDPE pipe manufacturers with reliable quality and good reputation.


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