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HDPE Fabricated Segment Tees

HDPE Fabricated Segment Tees

  1. Size: DN63mm- 1600mm
  2. Pressure Rating: SDR7.4-PN25 Bar, SDR9-PN20 Bar, SDR11-PN16 Bar, SDR13.6-PN12.5 Bar, SDR17-PN10 Bar, SDR21-PN6 Bar, SDR26-PN6 Bar.
  3. Raw Material: High quality PE100, PE4710raw material.
  4. Certification: ISO4427, EN12201, AS/NZS4130, ASTM3035
HDPE Fabricated Fittings Application


While most of the project can be done with straight HDPE pipe and standard fittings, it is also important to have quality made custom-fabricated items, manufactured to standard, and delivered to site within the time-frame required.


Puhui HDPE fabricated pipe and fitting are means to solve installation situations where common fitting fail, meet more complex and cost efficient pipeline designs.

HDPE Fabricated Fittings Specifications
D (mm)
90 200 400
110 455 910
125 465 930
140 470 940
160 480 960
180 490 980
200 500 1000
225 515 1030
250 525 1050
280 740 1480
315 760 1520
355 780 1560
400 800 1600
450 925 1850
500 950 1900
560 1180 2360
630 1215 2430
Advantages of Fabricated Fittings
Quality of the work is easier to manage & maintain in a controlled environment. High accuracies on specified tolerances will avoid rework at site.
Weather independent fabrication will minimize production delays.
Manufacturing in dedicated production facility, will result in lower manufacturing costs compared with on-site fabrication.
A controlled production environment allows for better control of welding parameters and results in lower risk of costly rework at the project site.
Lesser dependency on field power, avoiding unnecessary time delays and power generation costs.
Fabricating fittings off site means reduced contamination of fabrications intended for use in food processing or other industries that utilize clean environments for product production.

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