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What is the connection method of the PE water supply pipe?


PE water supply pipes due to its own advantages are widely used in construction water supply and drainage, underground sewage pipeline, building heating, industrial pipeline and other field. The connection method includes butt fusion and electrofusion, we usually use butt fusion to connection. Regarding to the specific connection mode, we summarized as the following points.

  1. 1. Preparation: place the pipe or pipe fitting in a flat position on the butt fusion welding machine, leaving enough cutting allowance of 10-20mm.
  2. 2. Clamping: according to the welded pipe, pipe fitting to selection the appropriate slip fixture, clamping pipe and ready for cutting.
  3. 3. Cutting: Cutting welding pipe section, pipe end surface impurities and oxide layer, ensure that two butt fusion surface smooth and no impurities.
  4. 4. Alignment: the end face of the two welding sections shall be completely aligned. The smaller the wrong side, the better. Otherwise, the fusion quality will be affected.
  5. 5. Heating: butt fusion temperature generally between 210-230°C advisable, heating plate heating time will be different in winter and summer, with two end surface melting length for 1-2mm is better.
  6. 6. Switching: remove the heating plate quickly and make the two hot melt ends stick and pressurize. In order to ensure the quality of butt fusion, the shorter the switching period, the better.
  7. 7. Butt fusion: it is the key of welding. The butt fusion should always be carried out under the melting pressure, and the width of rolled 2 edges should be 2-4mm.
  8. 8. Cooling: keep the butt pressure unchanged, and allow the interface to cool slowly. The time of cooling shall be subject to the stiff of the welding beads as the hand touches and the heat cannot be felt.
  9. 9. Completion of docking: release the slip after cooling, remove the welding machine and re-prepare the next interface connection.

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Note: due to the good flexibility of PE pipes itself, all pipe installation is not considered expansion coupling installation.

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