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Learn More About Piping Phenomenon Of HDPE Pipe


Piping Phenomenon

To put it simply, it is water seepage. The water seepage below the surface has a large seepage area and forms a certain scale, which is piping.
Official term piping: The phenomenon that soil particles in the dam body or dam foundation are taken away by seepage is called piping.
It refers to the general term for two different meanings of “flowing soil” and “submerged erosion” on the flat ground in the embankment under the condition of high water level in the flood season.



  • The foundation soil gradation of dams and sluices lacks some non-cohesive soil with intermediate particle size. When the upstream water level rises and the seepage slope at the escape point is greater than the allowable value of the soil, the finer soil particles in the foundation soil are pushed away by seepage formation of piping;
  • There is a strong water-permeable layer in the foundation soil layer, and the soil layer covering it is not compact enough;
  • The anti-seepage or drainage (seepage) facilities of the project are ineffective or damaged;


The following two conditions must be met for piping to occur in cohesionless soil:

  1. The diameter of pores formed by coarse particles in the soil must be larger than the diameter of fine particles;
  2. Penetration can drive fine particles to move between pores.



When piping occurs, the water surface will be turned upside down. As the upstream water level rises, the duration will be extended, and the danger will continue to worsen. A large amount of water gushing over the sand will damage the foundation soil skeleton of embankments and sluices, expand the channels, and the foundation soil will be emptied, causing Buildings collapsed, causing accidents such as embankment bursts, dam collapses, and gate failures.



  • Prompt and back guidance
  • Pressure guiding and acting
  • Reduce osmotic pressure
  • Prevent seepage from bringing out sediment

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