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HDPE Hollow Bar

HDPE Hollow Bar

  1. 1. Size: OD: 35-2250mm, ID:32-2000mm. (Or can be customized according to your specific needs.)
  2. 2. Pressure : SDR6-SDR33
  3. 3. Raw material: PE 100.
  4. 4. Certificate :ISO14001, ISO9001
  5. 5. Customization: can be customized


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[Size and Pressure can be customized according to your specific needs.]


  1. 1. Used as machining parts of machinery manufacturing industry, chemical industry and environmental protection equipments.
  2. 2. Being processed into PE pipe fittings to be used in water supply, gas, coal mine, chemical industry, dredging and other fields.











The PE hollow bar produced by our company is made of high quality PE100 grade raw materials through extrusion processing.

It has good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, and high mechanical strength. Also, it has excellent physical properties and anti-aging and anti-chemical corrosion ability that other polymer synthetic materials cannot compare with.

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