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HDPE Electrofusion Fittings: Introduction And Features



HDPE electrofusion fittings refer to a kind of HDPE(high density polyethylene) fittings that can be melted and connected by the temperature generated by electric current. The fittings of HDPE piping system are mainly divided into butt fusion fittings and electrofusion fittings. Due to the price, the amount of butt fusion fittings in engineering applications is more than that of electrofusion fittings, but electrofusion fittings(EF-Fittings) play an important and irreplaceable role in engineering and maintenance. Especially in construction, electrofusion fittings are less affected by the external environment and human factors, so they are more reliable and more popular with users. Especially in gas pipe engineering, electrofusion fittings are being used more and more.


Common HDPE ElectroFusion Fittings

  • HDPE ElectroFusion Stub End Flange
  • HDPE ElectroFusion 90° Elbow
  • HDPE ElectroFusion 45° Elbow
  • HDPE ElectroFusion Equal Tee
  • HDPE ElectroFusion Reducing Tee
  • HDPE ElectroFusion Reducer
  • HDPE ElectroFusion Coupling




  • Non-Toxic: No heavy metal additives, no dirt or bacterial contamination.
  • Corrosion Resistance: resistance to chemical substances and electro-chemical corrosion.
  • Low installation Cost: light weight, easy installation, can reduce installation cost.
  • Large Flow Rate: the inner wall is smooth, the pressure loss is small, and the fluid capacity is large.
  • Service Sife: Under reasonable use conditions, the service life is more than 50 years.



  • Raw Material: PE 100, PE4710
  • Color: black
  • Size: 25mm-800mm
  • Pressure: SDR9-PN20, SDR11-PN16, SDR17-PN10, SDR26-PN6
  • Standard: EN12201, ISO 4427, AS/NZS 4129

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