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HDPE Electrofusion Equal Tee

HDPE Electrofusion Equal Tee

  • ♦ 20mm-1600mm
  • ♦ SDR9, SDR11, SDR17, SDR26
  • ♦ ISO, AWWA, ASTM, UL, NSF, WRAS Certified
  • ♦ Couplings, Reducers, Elbows, Stub Ends and more.
  • ♦ Made of PE100 & PE4710  (Compatible with PE4710, PE100, and PE 3608 Pipe and Fittings)
  • ♦ In Stock, Quick Deliery. Free Sample Available


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Puhui Industry can offer HDPE Electrofusion Equal Tee from 20mm to 1600mm with pressure rating SDR9, SDR11, SDR17, SDR26 to get the job done in water supply, drainage, gas distribution, irrigation, mining, and landfill applications.Their superior performance ensures the robustness and long-term stability of pipeline connections.

Choosing HDPE electrofusion fittings means opting for high-quality, reliability, and durability, providing an excellent solution for your pipeline projects.


HDPE electrofusion fittings are specialized connectors made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials such as PE100 and PE4710. Designed specifically for high-density polyethylene pipelines, these fittings offer outstanding performance. Equipped with internal brass conductors, they achieve a tight and seamless connection between pipeline ends or segments through the application of electrofusion technology. We recommend the use of HDPE electrofusion fittings in projects that demand high strength, excellent sealing properties, and reliable connections for high-density polyethylene pipelines.


Puhui has large quantity of stock, and regular sizes & items of HDPE electrofusion fittings are available in our stock.

HDPE Electrofusion Equal Tee     HDPE Electrofusion Equal Tee

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Product Name HDPE Electrofusion Equal Tee
Size DN20-1600mm (Other size can be customized)
Pressure Rate SDR9, SDR11, SDR17, SDR26
Material High Quality PE100, PE4710
Color Available in black, colors can be customized
Standard ISO4427, EN12201, AS/NZS4130, ASTM3035
Sample Sample Available


The raw myterial is clean, non-toxic, hygienic.
The whole process of electric fusion is totally automatic, simple and safe, supporting scanning code welding and there is no human influence.
The electric fusion welding strength is high, which essentially guarantees the interface material and structure of the pipeline system and the identity of the pipe itself, realizes the high integration of pipe fitting and pipe material, and ensures no leakage at the interface, reliable connection and no hidden trouble.
Corrosion resistance, long service life.
No shrinkage phenomenon.
Low installation cost, high efficiency and stable quality.
The installation process is not limited by the environment, space, flexible operation, will be able to meet the needs of complex installation conditions.
Electrofusion welding can effectively resist underground movement and end loading.

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