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Advantages Of HDPE Pipes For Farmland Irrigation


Farmland irrigation requires a lot of water. The use of HDPE farmland irrigation pipes has made a great contribution to saving water resources. The inner wall of the improved HDPE farmland irrigation pipe fittings is smoother, which reduces the resistance of water flow, making the water flow smoothly and saving water energy. Moreover, the combination is more diverse, and the combination can be modified at will according to the situation without affecting the use effect at all, saving time and energy, and providing a more complete guarantee for the progress of irrigation. Jiangsu Runshuo can customize the size according to customer needs and provide technical assistance for free.


Advantages Of HDPE Pipes For Farmland Irrigation

It is easy to form a complete and closed anti-seepage system by counter-welding and electrofusion welding. When laying along the trench, it can reduce the excavation of the trench and reduce the amount of accessories.

  1. Light in weight and easy to install and handle;
  2. Strong wear resistance and excellent hydraulic performance, no need for external protection in buried pipelines. It can be applied to earthquake and mine subsidence areas, and can also be laid on the bottom of rivers by submersion.
  3. Resistant to chemical corrosion, internal, external and microbial corrosion, strong corrosion resistance, and healthy.
  4. Good environmental adaptability and frost resistance. Can be used in indoor and outdoor water supply pipes.
  5. Long service life, with a service life of more than almost 50 years.   HDPE pipes for farmland irrigation have the characteristics of low density, high ratio of strength to mass, low brittleness, low temperature, good toughness, good corrosion resistance and insulation performance, easy to color, easy to construct and install, etc.


HDPE pipes and fittings are widely used in municipal and building water supply and drainage, gas, heating, wire and cable threading, agricultural water-saving irrigation and industrial sewage, mine mineral transportation and other fields. Compared with steel pipe, its cost can be reduced by about 12%, its working life is long, and its maintenance cost is low. In developed countries and regions abroad, HDPE pipes account for more than 90% of the intercity buried gas pipelines, and 60% of the market for water supply pipes, and a very mature HDPE pipe has been established abroad. standard construction specifications.


In my country, after galvanized pipes are gradually banned, HDPE pipes have a competitive advantage in the fields of building water supply, and HDPE pipes in the fields of gas, communications, and agricultural irrigation are also showing a trend of rapid growth.

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